IP-Networx.com Review


IP-Networx – Could this be ‘the one’?


Finding a great hosting company for your PBN’s is kind of similar to finding your soul mate. Most likely you are not going to meet the perfect one right away and it will take some time. Of course we at SEO Hosting Review know all about this and have had the challenging task of testing out SEO hosting companies for a long time now.

A few years ago when we started out as clients on IP-Networx for our personal SEO projects we got this strange feeling in our stomach and couldn’t help but think: “Could this be ‘the one’”?


Main Attractions

  • Absolutely no server footprints (!!)
  • Custom control panel
  • Individual cPanel for every hosted domain
  • Maximum 350 A-B IP Class packages
  • Very economic prices
  • Europe, USA and World package segmentation
  • Fast and reliable support
  • 7 day money back guarantee


That is a pretty impressive summary and indeed we were seduced very quickly. Just like many others we quickly signed up and in all honesty, we have been faithful in our relation with them ever since. Once you find ‘the one’ you can’t help but feel happy.



What is IP-Networx?


IP-Networx entered the SEO hosting scene around 2014 for a simple reason: Just like many other people in the SEO world the company founders didn’t have a great solution for hosting their own Private Blog Network sites. When you have a PBN of 10 sites you could manage the organization yourself with a couple of different hosting services but when you are trying to scale your company and PBN network it becomes very tricky, very quickly.

Imagine having 100+ or even 500+ PBN sites and you need to add articles and make sure all plug-ins are updated… This is a nightmare having to login to all these different hosting services or even just remembering where you hosted what. That’s where IP-Networx found their niche. For the first time in the SEO world there was an actual solution to this problem. You could simply login to your user dashboard and see all of your websites listed underneath each other, while not having any footprint risks associated with earlier company’s attempts to build a centralized SEO hosting platform.


Ease of Use

1. Sign-Up Process

When you first sign up to IP-Networx.com the process is simple. You select the size of your desired package and complete your payment. Your user login information is sent to you immediately and you can add your first domain or use their really intuitively bulk domain-adder to add as many domains as you like in 1 go.



2. Adding Domains & Nameservers

After you have added your domain the system automatically tells you which nameservers you will need to point your domains to. Important to note about this is that each one of your domains added at IP-Networx.com will have complete 100% unique nameservers. This of course is essential for avoiding any footprints in Google’s algorithm.



3. WordPress / CMS Installation

Once your nameservers have been propagated correctly and your cPanel has finished setting up (usually takes 20 seconds per domain) you are good to go. By now you are most likely wanting to install a WordPress setup, but at IP-Networx you are not limited to WordPress only. In case you want to further diversify your PBN you can also chose other CMS’s like Joomla. We usually go with WordPress ourselves and IP-Networx.com offers an awesome WordPress auto-installer (also available for bulk domains; install WordPress on 20 domains at the same time!). From this you can simply select a username, password and desired plug-ins or have the system setup everything automatically and randomly for you.


4. Dashboard Overview & Backups

After your WordPress installation is done you will experience one of the most important and useful features of IP-Networx: The Dashboard. All your WordPress information (Username, Password, WordPress login button) is displayed directly next to the domain name and also you will see your nameservers and cPanel login button. We also prefer cPanel as it is simply the most easy and recognizable system for any hosting platform and IP-Networx.com offers an individual cPanel for every domain you host in your account with them. SEO hosting at this level, with full protection against footprints and ease of usage and overview can simply not be found at any other SEO hosting service. Additionally it also automatically makes a backup for you daily.


Should you become a client?

In a quickly changing dynamic world as the online marketing world it speaks volumes when a SEO hosting company is still the number 1 choice after 5 years of service. They have truly lasted the test of time and we at SEO Hosting Review cannot recommend them enough. Their name has been on the lips of almost any successful online marketer in the SEO world and it is for a very good reason…


They are incredible.